Wildfires are a fact of life in the American Southwest.

One Fourth of July, sitting on a south Santa Fe portal, we watched fireworks and to the west the flames from the Cerro Grande fire dancing along the ridges of the Jemez Mountains. As the fires crowned, trees literally exploded. Mother Nature’s awesome reflection of the fireworks below.

Then came fall and the heartbreaking drive up the mountain among blackened sentinels holding vigil, waiting. New seasons brought forth green shoots, fragile stems, budding leaves.

At last another glorious fall. From ashes, Mother Nature brought forth young, quaking aspen, yellow leaves back-lit by the setting sun, shimmering on a gentle breeze.

Spirit calls me to honor this age old miracle of Mother Nature with my series, Alchemy: Ashes to Gold.

Embracing the complexities that are our modern world, my images reframe the intricacies of mundane realities, creating my expressions of these multidimensional truths. While there may be distinct imagery in my work, it is informed by the underlying symbolism and layering of content, process, and picture planes, allowing the complex to become more accessible, revealed in a single image.