Artist Statement 

Photography being my primary medium, I draw upon a variety of genre, striving to capture the elegance as well as imperfection of things like time worn surfaces, Nature’s regenerative cycles of life and death. Images of decaying structures, intricate surfaces, ambiguous details, earth, sky; these and more embody the power of presence, depth of Spirit, understatement of strength, yet a subtlety of movement. An ethereal can softness flow through the mystery of surfaces. Layering of whole images or their fragments from my photographs creates veils of possibilities suggesting tactile qualities.

Using both the native beauty of organic configurations and constructed geometrical forms, visual possibilities evolve upon closer observation. The simple transforms into the complex, rewarding the careful viewer. Shape, whether an innate or acquired knowing, is a vital aspect of my art.

I capture my work with a standard, manual, film or digital, SLR or twin lens camera. Layered images of my original digital photographs or images digitized from film or my Cyanotype and Van Dyke work are manipulated in a photo processing program. Additional adjustments such as blending with the processing program create the final art work. Finally, the final work is printed on archival photographic paper.


Raised on my multigenerational NC family farm,

loving grade school in multicultural NM,

my adult life continues with moves and wanderings.

Selected Exhibitions 

2021 Jason McCoy Gallery, Drawing Challenge XXIII, Inference of Time: Evolving #2. Jason McCoy Gallery, New York City, NY.

‍2021 Jason McCoy Gallery, Drawing Challenge XXI, Alchemy: Ashes to Gold, triptych. Jason McCoy Gallery, New York City, NY.

2021 Jason McCoy Gallery Alchemy: Ashes to Gold, triptych.

2015 Cupid’s Arrow. Wheelhouse Art, Santa Fe, NM.

2013-14 Sisters in Art~Sisters at Heart. Collaborative exhibition with Jan Wright, watercolorist.

Portal, Fuller Lodge Art Center, Los Alamos, NM. Cortez Cultural Center, Cortez, CO.

2013 Artists’ Alpine Holiday Exhibition. Ouray, CO. (Honorable mention)

2012 Southwest Regional Conference for the Society for Photographic Education.

Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM.

2002 Faculty Exhibition. Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM.

1991 Terms of Realities: an aids hand book, Solo exhibition, books without bindings.

ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL

1993 Wisconsin Photographers 1993. Wustum Museum, Racine, WI.

(Purchase award for the permanent collection)

1992-93 Lighting the Labyrinth. Six artists' collaborative installation with artists' performances.

Memorial Gallery, University of Wisconsin and

De Ricci Gallery, Edgewood College, Madison WI.